Live At Avalon Studios

01 - Circumspect Penelope - Look Blue, Go Purple
02 - Only Dream Left - Verlaines
03 - Taste Delight - StraightJacket Fits
04 - Baud To Tears - Verlaines
05 - Dead Heat - StraightJacket Fits
06 - Dead Heat - StraightJacket Fits
07 - Come Sunday - Verlaines
08 - Life in One Chord - StraightJacket Fits
09 - Ballad of Harry Noryb - Verlaines


Kiwi Tapes said...

Paul Capewell said...

Many thanks for this - are there any details like dates or whatever?

Cannue said...
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Cannue said...

These are from From the Radio With Pictures special Live At Avalon, 1987 .most the live clips are on you tube . Your be able to find the rest from this link.Look blue go purple play 3-4 songs so I'm not sure why they only have one track here.Sorry they have two there version of codeine,track six.Alive favourite.I saw LBGP over 10 times in three different cities.

hairykiwi said...

All the LBGP songs are there, they just were too much of a pain to split up when I recorded them from the VHS tape