Re-Up: Cyclops - Goat Volume

A short lived super group who features the likes of Peter Jefferies and others who released a string of singles and this which is their only full length album. This band has quite an interesting sound for those who are interested in the XPressway scene.

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The Dead C - Clyma Est Mort

The second Dead C live release with the same low-fidelity intensity that you would expect from them.

Plagal Grind - Self Titled 12"

A short lived super group consisting of Peter Jefferies, Robbie Muir, David Mitchell and Alaistair Galbraith. This is their one and only release.

Wish List

As you can all see, this Wish List system has already turned into a great success! I want to thank you all for your contributions, let's hope this keeps up! All of the upload requests that I have received will be filled tomorrow, so be on the look out for re-ups of Cyclops & Wreck Small Speakers among others.

This Kind of Punishment - Live 1985

A chilling live document of This Kind of Punishment's 1985 tour. This was only released on cassette and is the second release ever put out by Xpressway. The line up of this band features Peter & Graeme Jefferies, Chris Matthews & Johnny Pierce.

This is not the best place to start with this band, but if you already have the albums and want more, definitely pick this up!

The Dead C - Eusa Kills

An early Dead C release on Flying Nun. Probably the most song oriented release in the catalog.

Pop Watch Magazine No. 10 - NZ Vanguard

Articles on experimental NZ acts like Birchville Cat Motel, Witcyst, Crude and Rosy Parlane.

Gate - Lounge

Trash - Gritt & Butts

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Pop Watch Magazine No. 9 - Xpressway Special

Here is a great item for all of you Xpressway fans, it's a full PDF scan of the Xpressway feature in Pop Watch Magazine No. 9. This in depth article features commentary on every release from the label from writers and label head Bruce Russell. There is a great deal of interesting information found in this article so check it out!

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Xpressway Pile Up Compilation

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Kiwi Parade

Reader Mike Green sent in this mixtape as a supplement to The Kiwi Tapes Anthology. There is no overlap between the two of them, so if you are looking for more... there is a lot of great stuff on here.

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Guitar Tablature

In addition to the new features I mentioned before (covers album, wish list) I am also interested in compiling a section for kiwi rock guitar/bass tablature. There doesn't seem to be much of anyting on the rest of the internet, so I ask those who have found some or those who are willing to lend a musical ear in putting some together to submit any tabs that they might have to me at:

kiwitapes @

The Kiwi Tapes Anthology

After months of thinking of putting this thing together, here it finally is: The Kiwi Tapes Anthology! Now before you start asking "Where's Tally Ho?" and "Why did you leave out (blank)?" allow me to explain my intentions with this compilation. My goal with this compilation was to create something that would showcase all of the various facets of Kiwi Rock while remaining as concise as possible. This is for the newcomer, someone who has heard very little or no kiwi rock at all. I picked songs that I felt were most representative of the artists and the various New Zealand scenes that they were from. This is why you find "Getting Older" and no "Tally Ho!", I felt that the former song was much more representative of the sound of The Clean than the latter. So if you are looking to convert someone into the magic of kiwi rock, and you want to show them everything (not just the poppy, jangly stuff) then do it with this disc! I've already tried it on a few people and believe me it works! Thanks to all of the contributors to this site who made this disc possible and lended their expertise. Enjoy!

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The Bilders - Beatin' Hearts Volume 2

I'm not exactly sure about the nature of this release, but it appears to be a best of comp for Bill Direen's excellent band the Bilders. Lots of great songs on this one, you may remember their excellent contribution to the Flying Nun boxset "Alien".

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Accident Compilation

Originally put out on cassette by Failsafe Records, Accident Compilation was released to stop the waste of good local material that wasn't making it to vinyl and thusnot seeing the light of day. Contains 27 mostly-live tracks from the best bands in Christchurch from 1981-85. All songs were previously unreleased or unavailable.

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Lee Harvey / The Warts

These two EPs were posted right before the great MediaFire massacre of March 2007. They were up so shortly that I don't think anyone managed to get their hands on them. Here they are again for your listening pleasure!

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Tall Dwarfs - Stumpy

You too can be a Tall Dwarf!" declared the cover of "3 E.P.s", "Send us your rhythms!". Who wouldn't? Who could refuse such an opportunity? At least 16 people around the world couldn't and didn't. Alec Bathgate and Chris Knox used these 16 cassettes as basis for "Stumpy", sometimes developing the raw material into a "song", sometimes using it as the seed for something completely different. At the beginning i didn't know what to do of the idea. Is it an attempt to appeal to the fans? an easy way to overcome a "writers block"? Is it vain? is it humble? the answer came quickly after listening: when your music is as sincere as Bathgate's and Knox's you are neither- you just do what you do. When you put out such great music as the Tall Dwarfs you could be either as far as i care. And "Stumpy" comes as great as any Tall Dwarfs album.
This is YOUR music. Go out and listen to it.

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