Needles & Plastic

Needles and Plastic: Flying Nun Records, 1981–1988 is a new book compiled by author Matthew Goody that is so good it inspired me to come out of retirement just to plug. This book is worth every penny & more. The amount of research that must've gone into writing this book is absolutely staggering. It is hard to imagine a more exhaustive summary of Flying Nun, the amount of detail is downright overwhelming! If you loved the music on this site you owe it to yourself to support Matthew and his excellent book:

Much has changed in the last 15 years when it comes to the overall accessibility and awareness of New Zealand music. The original mission of this blog was to bring music that was hard to find / out of print to as many people as possible. It bring me great joy to see that dozens of albums that were featured on this blog have since been reissued and are in print. Thanks to Captured Tracks, Dais, Dark Entries, Siltbreeze, Superior Viaduct, Drag City, BaDaBing and the other countless labels who have been putting this music out there.