This Will Kill That - Nailed Out

The debut cassette from this early 9o's Wellington band. Toured with Bailter Space, but relatively unknown. Pretty cool noise-rock stuff and this was actually sent to me by a band member, which is always a plus in my book. Sorry, no cover art. Check it out!

Able Tasmans - A Cuppa Tea and a Lie Down (re-post)

A major work from this New Zealand indie group, A Cuppa Tea and a Lie Down comes highly recommended to those in love with the sophisticated and delicate arrangements of the New Zealand rock scene's Flying Nun label sound. While some of their peers in the productive period of '80s and '90s down under produced edgy, loud guitar music inside the framework of pop, Able Tasmans temper their largely acoustic sound with keyboards and acoustic arrangements in place of corrosive guitars. The songs are built on the delicate threshold of complexity/simplicity, filled out with lush arrangements and dreamy atmospheres that call to mind Fairport Convention. A great album filled with sweet and crafty pop songs that will hold much appeal to fans of intelligent guitar pop; Yo la Tengo, Belle & Sebastian, the Bats, and Television Personalities spring to mind.

Terminals - Medusa 7"


Two quick updates with good news:

1- The Divshare links are up and working again. Please remember that we are now working with a limited amount of bandwith. Please keep that in mind before you go on downloading sprees.

Follow Up Note: Looks like the Divshare bandwith is already almost gone after 3 days. Really? 40 GB of downloads in 3 days?

I'm not going to to be using Divshare to post files anymore because it seems that it is unable to keep up with the amount of traffic we have on this site. Because of this, I am going to have to rely on sites like Mediafire & Sendspace which are far less reliable as far as keeping files up. It is in your best interest to check this site as often as you can, because if you snooze you will lose.

2- For the final time the closing of this site is being extended until April 1st. As you can see, it's almost the end of February and I haven't posted much, I'm going to need more time to get all of that up before close. I also have music being sent to me from New Zealand & the UK via snail mail, and I need to allow time for that music to arrive to me and for me to process it all.

Expect some new uploads tomorrow or the next day.

More Online Kiwi Resources:

As an extension of the previous post, here are more labels that carry the kiwi goods:

Siltbreeze Records:
Renderers - A Dream of The Sea
Dead C - Tusk, The White House,
The Pin Group - Retrospective, 11 Years After
Various Artists - Tard' & Further'd

Drunken Fish:
Roy Montgomery - Scenes From The South Island, 324 E. 13th Street #7, The Allegory of Hearing
Birchville Cat Motel - Siberian Earth Curve
Hash Jar Tempo - Under Glass

Drunken Fish at Forced Exposure

Kranky Records:
Dissolve - Third Album for The Sun
Roy Montgomery - Temple IV
Flies Inside The Sun - An Audience of Others...
Dadamah - This is Not A Dream

Robert Scott's Home Made CD-Rs:

More to come soon hopefully...

Show Your Support

When it comes to being a Kiwi Rock fan one of the toughest problems you face is having to pay out the ass for records due to the expensive import and shipping prices. Hell... it's one of the main reasons why this blog was started in the first place... to get this great music into the hands of people who just can't afford to pay those ridiculous prices.

We're all guilty of downloading tons of this stuff and unfortunately the artists have to suffer because of it. I feel when something as great as Last Visible Dog Records comes around we must show our support. I just discovered this label late last year and they are doing fantastic things when it comes to getting kiwi rock to the states. Firstly, they signed The Terminals, one of the greatest NZ bands out there. LVD was home to last year's absolutely fantastic "Last Days of The Sun". They are also working out re-issuing their entire back catalog, which is great news for all. In addition to the Terminals they are also home to Birchville Cat Motel, The Renderizors (The Renderers + Sandoz Lab Technicians supergroup), the back catalogs from said groups as well as plenty of others like The Dead C & The Pin Group.

There are no excuses... the CD's are cheap ($10-$12) the shipping is inexpensive. If you dig any of these groups it is your duty to purchase some albums to show your support.

Check it out:

New Zealand 7" Collection Pt. II

The sequel to the first collection of 7 inch singles (which sadly had to be taken down). Here is the breakdown of what it contains:

  • A Handful of Dust - In The House Of Voluntary Poverty 7"
  • Beat Rythmn Fashion - No Great Oaks 7"
  • Dead C - Mighty 7"
  • Dead C - Relax Fallujah-Hell Has Come 7"
  • Drone - Land of the Free 7"
  • Sferic Experiment - Sci-Fi Hi-Fi EP
  • Terraces - A Place Like This 7"
  • The Terminals - Black Creek 7"
  • The Terminals - Witchdoctors 7"
  • The Weeds - Wheatfields 7"
  • Trash - Hurtin' 7''
  • Wasp Factory - Hick-Hate EP
  • We Too - Crushed Velvet Morning 7"
This is a send space link (due to our Divshare account being offline), which means it will probably be taken down in a few days. Don't sleep on this one.