Two quick updates with good news:

1- The Divshare links are up and working again. Please remember that we are now working with a limited amount of bandwith. Please keep that in mind before you go on downloading sprees.

Follow Up Note: Looks like the Divshare bandwith is already almost gone after 3 days. Really? 40 GB of downloads in 3 days?

I'm not going to to be using Divshare to post files anymore because it seems that it is unable to keep up with the amount of traffic we have on this site. Because of this, I am going to have to rely on sites like Mediafire & Sendspace which are far less reliable as far as keeping files up. It is in your best interest to check this site as often as you can, because if you snooze you will lose.

2- For the final time the closing of this site is being extended until April 1st. As you can see, it's almost the end of February and I haven't posted much, I'm going to need more time to get all of that up before close. I also have music being sent to me from New Zealand & the UK via snail mail, and I need to allow time for that music to arrive to me and for me to process it all.

Expect some new uploads tomorrow or the next day.


j. said...

This is great -- but some of the divshare links are still not working (able tasmans). Any idea?

Good luck with this and your other blog!

Kiwi Tapes said...

Not all Divshare links are going to work. The ones that are going to work are ones from the past 3 months or so.

You are in luck though, I am going to be re-upping that album due to the extremely high demand for it.

Unknown said...

Great blog ! Enormous art ! I'm from France and listen New Zealand rock since 1989 ! Thanks a lot for these uploads !