Holy Shit.


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The End is Nigh

When I first started this blog, I always intended to run it for a finite amount of time. The goal was simple: uncover the best of kiwi-rock and put it on display. In the music blogging scene, there seems to be a notion that quantity is better than quality. I don't know about you guys, but there are very few blogs out there where I feel I can trust the taste of the blogger enough to blindly download whatever they post. Too often it's just about posting albums to fill a quota without any regards to consistency.

My hope has always been that you all could come on here and know what you are getting without having to worry or do too much of your own research before downloading an album.

I am at a point now where I feel like ending this blog will be a good thing.... so I am setting a date... the final post on this blog will be on September 30th, 2007.

I feel like we are getting close to uncovering all of the best that New Zealand has to offer. If you think I am wrong, you have a month and a half to prove me wrong... so get cookin' on those submissions! At some point in the next few days I will update the wishlist with new entries.

Following this blog, I will starting a new blog called Decrepit Tapes which will feature exclusively lo-fi and home recorded music. My interest in this type of music was originally what attracted me to the music of New Zealand in the first place. If you like what you find on here, I can assure you that you will love this blog.

Don't you worry, I have plenty of great submissions from you guys in my queue ready to post, so this should be a very fruitful final stretch!