The Dead C - Eusa Kills

One of Dead C's early Flying Nun releases. This album is much more song based than their other material.

Tall Dwarfs - 3 EP's

A handy collection of 3 EP releases: A Question of Medical Ethics, Sam's Spaniel & Up The Down Stair Case. My personal favorite release from this duo.

The Dead C - Clyma Est Mort

By request, here is one of Dead C's official live releases which in my opinion has some pretty superior renditions of some favorites from their catalog, along with a few new tracks.

Various Artists - Songs From The Lowland

A compilation put out by Robert Scott on his tape label Every Secret Thing (ESP).It was released around 1986. It was taken out of print a short time later when Bill Direen objected to his songs being on it without his permission. Robert Scott had got the songs from Bats and Builders drummer Malcolm Grant . Electric Blood was the Scott brothers band as well. This the revised version without the Builder tracks.

Bruce Russell - Gilded Splinters: Tape Works 1995-2005

A pretty cool release for the noise enthusiasts out there. This is a collection of compositions that Bruce Russell recorded over a decade. This stuff is much less song oriented than the Dead C, it's more abstract and collage like.

I've been getting numerous requests to see rare Dead C releases like "Clyma Est Mort" and "Eusa Kills" re-uploaded. I hope to do those soon so stay tuned.