Monthly Downloads / Disappearing Posts

DivShare has informed me that I have used 100% of the bandwith for the site and all downloads will remain inactive until February 16th. Please think of others before you go on download binges. There was plenty of bandwith when I checked 3 days ago, so either this site has doubled in popularity over 3 days or a few people went a little crazy.

You will also notice the disappearance of more posts, this is due to being contacted by more artists who wish to have their music removed.

THE GORDONS; Live at The TCITA Club, Christchurch (7/10/83)

For those who are left wanting more after the first record...

THE TERMINALS - Live at The Wharf Hotel, Dunedin (7/29/88)

An early bootleg of the Terminals. Sounding as fierce as the always do in a live setting. Check out the extremely exuberant performance of "Batwing", which is a pretty laid back song on the Cul-De-Sac record. Awesome.

Dadamah - This Is Not A Dream

Much like the Pin Group's retrospective CD, this is an 11-track collection of everything that this short lived group (feat. Roy M and Peter Stapleton) released. Featured is the original "This Is Not A Dream" LP, 2 singles and 1 track that was originally contributed to the I Can Hear The Devil Calling Me compilation 7". Very interesting stuff.

Roy Montgomery - Temple IV

Awesome sound scapes from Roy M of Pin Group & Dadamah fame. Much different than either of those projects.

Skeptics - Sensible

Witcyst - Roslyn

This album will be sure to please fans of the noise and the skronk. Witcyst is an ultra prolific noise act that is obscure even by NZ standards releasing a ton of limited run CD-R and lathe cut releases. I am uncertain as to whether this is a collection of previously released tracks or a proper album, but there is certainly a lot of stuff on here.