Monthly Downloads / Disappearing Posts

DivShare has informed me that I have used 100% of the bandwith for the site and all downloads will remain inactive until February 16th. Please think of others before you go on download binges. There was plenty of bandwith when I checked 3 days ago, so either this site has doubled in popularity over 3 days or a few people went a little crazy.

You will also notice the disappearance of more posts, this is due to being contacted by more artists who wish to have their music removed.


spavid said...

Really love the site. Spavid from Wilfully Obscure blog here.

Is there anyone on here that's archived any of the expired posts? Lots of interesting stuff here that I've unfortunately missed out on. Thanks!

j. said...

Yes, what a great site!
But is there any way to put up the Able Tasmans stuff?