Flies Inside The Sun - Le Mal D'Archive

The latest sonic conversation from New Zealand's musically talkative gossip trio BRIAN CROOK, PETER STAPLETON and KIM PIETERS. Four extended new tracks (recorded in Purakaunui throughout 1999) that feature a more keyboard-driven and electronic sound than their previous efforts.

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I have plans in the next few days to put up a Wish list section. Please leave a commment with any kiwi albums you would like to see posted. Please DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT make requests for albums that have already been posted on this blog.

The Clean - Live Dead Clean

A great compilation of early live Clean material. Some of this stuff was included on the 2-CD Anthology release, but some of the best material on this release was left off of that compilation.

"Two Fat Sisters" & "Happy Birthday John" were recorded live at the Rumba Bar May 1982, "At The Bottom" & "Attack of The Teddybears" were recorded live at the Gladstone in July 1981 and "Caveman" & "Filling A Hole" were recorded at Star'n Garter March 1982.

A pretty rare release! Enjoy!

Thanks to Buck Dharma!

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The Well is Running Dry...

After the next few posts I make, I am afraid that my supply of great kiwi rock is going to be running very low. I want to continue to run this site, but I can't do it alone.

I am asking... no... begging you guys to submit stuff from your collection to me. If it's from New Zealand and it's quality and it's not on this site then I want it! This includes albums from artists that are already on this site but not posted yet.

I want to thank those who have been contributing again. You guys have put just as much (if not more) work into this site than I have. Without your hard work this site could have never achieved the level of success that it has.

So please, I am looking for anything you guys can find, but I especially want material from the 80's from Flying Nun and XPressway.

Thanks again


p.s. please use divshare (www.divshare.com) to upload!

The Renderers - A Dream of The Sea

The grimly beautiful A Dream of the Sea is the Renderers' most impressive outing to date, a dark and often harrowing plunge into a world of nightmares and noise. Although rooted in blues and country, the band's music frequently veers out of control, lacerated by peals of feedback and fuzz; images of madness and death abound throughout the lyrics, and the mood on highlights like "Low to the Ground" and "Right from Wrong" is positively funereal. Visceral and enthralling, it's a trip into hell well worth taking.

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Kiwi Rock Covers Album

Hello all! I wanted to announce that I am interested in putting together a Kiwi Rock covers album featuring reader submissions. Everything is fair game, the only criteria is that your cover be some artist that has been featured on the site. In the spirit of the DIY aesthetic of NZ, use whatever means you have to record your cover.

Deadline for submissions is July 31st, 2007.

If you are interested in participating, please either leave a comment or email me at kiwitapes@gmail.com

The Great Unwashed

One-stop shopping, New Zealand style. Collection puts together the Great Unwashed's one album, Clean out of Our Minds, with the following Singles EP, a handy and merry collection of what might have been a diversion at the start but still has its own worth. Richard Langston's liner notes give a brief potted history of the group's origins following the first collapse of the Clean, as David and Hamish Kilgour got together for a slew of random recording sessions that became the album and what followed. The Clean out of Our Minds tracks are in ways bedroom recordings, but unlike what the stereotype of that term became in the '90s, the feeling here is affable and gently goofy melancholia rather than acid-fried weirdness. The easy-blue groove of "Thru the Trees" mixes well with the instrumental shamble of "Hello Is Ray There?" and the at once creepy and merry celebration of wasting time, "It's a Day." Besides, any song which has what sounds like autoharp -- take "Yesterday Was" as an example -- has to have something going for it. The Singles tracks featured the more immediate and live-performance-oriented version of the band, though there's still the easy-enough feel of the album about it, even with the steady chug of songs like "Duane Eddy" and the scrabbling "Can't Find Water." "Born in the Wrong Time," with a particularly lovely lead guitar melody and some of the Kilgours' best harmonies, is the real winner from that bunch, and makes a fine almost-concluding song for the whole disc.

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Chris Heazlewood 7 inch collection

Here is a great collection of 7 inch singles released by CHris Heazlewood and his related projections, the collection contains the following releases:

Heazlewood - Badge or Medallion 7"
Heazlewood - Surf's Up In Malibu 7"
Heazlewood - They Slaughter Small Children 7"
Olla - Spetic Hagfish 7"
Sferic Experiments - Sci-Fi/Hi-Fi 7"
King Loser - Stairway To Heaven 7"
King Loser - Tie Us Down 7"

The cover art to each of the releases can be found in the zip file along with the music .

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Sorry for the delay. The requested re-ups with be put up over the next few days, along with some new posts.


The Renderers - Trail of Tears LP

The Renderers first release, released on Flying Nun in 1990. Very country and bluesish sounding. Interesting for their connections to The Terminals / Victor Dimisch Band.

The Renderers - 7" Singles

The 3 7 inch releases from The Renderers: A touch of evil, million lights and bigger than texas.

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