The Well is Running Dry...

After the next few posts I make, I am afraid that my supply of great kiwi rock is going to be running very low. I want to continue to run this site, but I can't do it alone.

I am asking... no... begging you guys to submit stuff from your collection to me. If it's from New Zealand and it's quality and it's not on this site then I want it! This includes albums from artists that are already on this site but not posted yet.

I want to thank those who have been contributing again. You guys have put just as much (if not more) work into this site than I have. Without your hard work this site could have never achieved the level of success that it has.

So please, I am looking for anything you guys can find, but I especially want material from the 80's from Flying Nun and XPressway.

Thanks again

p.s. please use divshare ( to upload!


Unknown said...

Not being familiar with "Kiwi-music" outside of this website, can you give a list of albums you've been looking for but haven't found, or something you'd like to see posted? This website has significantly expanded my musical horizons and put a few bands I've heard into wider context and I've ended up buying a few (the Clean, the Dead C, the Bats).

I'd like to hear what you or your visitors would like to see. I have about seven music stores within ten minutes of my apartment and enjoy a good scavenger hunt :)

gomonkeygo said...

I've got Graeme Jefferies' Messages For the Cakekitchen (1987) over at my site if you want it. Afraid I don't have time to upload it to Divshare, but you're welcome to have it and do so yourself.