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When it comes to being a Kiwi Rock fan one of the toughest problems you face is having to pay out the ass for records due to the expensive import and shipping prices. Hell... it's one of the main reasons why this blog was started in the first place... to get this great music into the hands of people who just can't afford to pay those ridiculous prices.

We're all guilty of downloading tons of this stuff and unfortunately the artists have to suffer because of it. I feel when something as great as Last Visible Dog Records comes around we must show our support. I just discovered this label late last year and they are doing fantastic things when it comes to getting kiwi rock to the states. Firstly, they signed The Terminals, one of the greatest NZ bands out there. LVD was home to last year's absolutely fantastic "Last Days of The Sun". They are also working out re-issuing their entire back catalog, which is great news for all. In addition to the Terminals they are also home to Birchville Cat Motel, The Renderizors (The Renderers + Sandoz Lab Technicians supergroup), the back catalogs from said groups as well as plenty of others like The Dead C & The Pin Group.

There are no excuses... the CD's are cheap ($10-$12) the shipping is inexpensive. If you dig any of these groups it is your duty to purchase some albums to show your support.

Check it out:


mrsblucher said...
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mrsblucher said...

urrrhh peruse the back catalogue of these US labels, maybe -- Siltbreeze (, Feel Good All Over, Emperor Jones, Roofbolt, Drunken Fish, Ajax, Kranky, Majora, Freedom From, Matador even .. also euro/UK labels like Raffmond, Avalanche, Fisheye .. for sure i'm missing some obvious ones. i know plenty of kiwis who used to curse the 'expensive imports', not to mention the exchange rate . . and kiwi music costing 'ridiculous prices' ?? .. 8nzd CDRs - that's 4usd??? also .. .. .. there will be more, i've been away for a while and i'm out of touch. . . you can also buy direct from the artist. if someone could post a link to bob scott's cdr list i would be happy

citrus peeler said...

for Robert's homemade cdrs you can visit his myspace page

Pure NZ Alt Radio said...

Hi there, ‘The Renderizors’ I picked-off the shelf at Galaxy Records (Christchurch) today. Part of an import shipment from U.S. I’ll be playing songs off the album on my internet radio station if you want to have an earwig (link via blog) At NZ$30 it wasn’t over the top price wise either. ‘The Pin Group’, ‘Roy Montgomery’ etc are on my perennial rotation.