More Online Kiwi Resources:

As an extension of the previous post, here are more labels that carry the kiwi goods:

Siltbreeze Records:
Renderers - A Dream of The Sea
Dead C - Tusk, The White House,
The Pin Group - Retrospective, 11 Years After
Various Artists - Tard' & Further'd

Drunken Fish:
Roy Montgomery - Scenes From The South Island, 324 E. 13th Street #7, The Allegory of Hearing
Birchville Cat Motel - Siberian Earth Curve
Hash Jar Tempo - Under Glass

Drunken Fish at Forced Exposure

Kranky Records:
Dissolve - Third Album for The Sun
Roy Montgomery - Temple IV
Flies Inside The Sun - An Audience of Others...
Dadamah - This is Not A Dream

Robert Scott's Home Made CD-Rs:

More to come soon hopefully...


mrsblucher said...

and alastair galbraith who's got a new cd out
"orb posted airmail to the U.S. is $12us"
cheap yah?


give a listen to some new cool sounds form mexcio

hairykiwi said...

Hey mrsblucher, that myspace user doesn't exist. Do you have another link to get to Alistair's stuff?

hairykiwi said...

sorry I got it now.
After plagalgrind, add therip\