Making Losers Happy: Xpressway Singles: 1988 - 1991

This comp collects several very limited-pressed singles from XpressWay, literally unavailable, but the value of its compilation is not this: it contains music from some amazing NZ artists, maybe the best, written in their most creative years. Alastair Galbraith, Peter Jefferies, Dead C, Terminals, everyone that matters.

XPressway was perhaps new zealand's first truly underground music label, Xpressway was formed by bruce russell in 1985 to release his then-fledgling christchurch band the dead c, live archival recordings from this kind of punishment and the debut solo material from alistair galbraith. over the course of the next 23 (mostly cassette-only) releases, xpressway, russell and his comrades themselves formed an ever-growing
niche-market of dark, brooding releases, mostly in lo-fidelity form, but full of character.

Special thank you to our new contributor Rainy Day Sponge!

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