A Mission Statement of Sorts...

Hey guys, thanks so much for all of the positive feedback thus far. I noticed a huge lack of NZ music in MP3 blogs and I am glad I am filling a void for you all.

This mission of this blog is quite clear, to bring all of the best NZ music into one place. I am not interested in compiling all of the music that comes from NZ, only that which is worth listening to and essential. A quanity over quality rule seems to apply for a lot of blogs, but not this one. I want every one who comes here who has a vested interest in NZ music to know that they are getting quality worthwhile music.

Thanks so much to all of those who are helping out with contributions so far. We still need help getting our hands on old compilations, singles, and cassette releases from the late 70's and 80's. If you can be of any help please contact me. Anyone who contributes will recieve credit.

Thanks again and keep listening and support the NZ artists that you can!


paul296 said...

Thanks for all the great NZ stuff you've posted. How about The Moffs - Labyrinth? The 3D's?

Also there is no link posted in the comments section of the FLYING NUN - POPEYED post.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Kiwi Tapes said...

Link is fixed