7" Single Explosion

Thanks to an amazing contributor, we are please to off you this embarassment of riches. It is divided in to three parts:


Shayne Carter and Peter Jefferies-Randolph's Coming
Home 7"
Shayne Carter and Peter Jefferies-Knocked Out or
Thereabouts 7"
The Chills-I Only Want to See You Alone Again 7"
The Chills-House with 100 Rooms 12"
The Chills-Wet Blanket 7"
Chug-Flowers 7"
Cyclops-Light 7"
Dadamah-Scratch Sun 7"
Brown Velvet Couch-Once in a Very Blue Moon 7"


Dead C.-Mighty 7"
Dimmer-Crystalator 7"
Alastair Galbraith-Intro Version 7"
Alastair Galbraith and Demarnia Lloyd-Tae Keening 7"
The Garbage and The Flowers-Catnip 7"
Peter Jefferies and Robbie Muir-Catapult 7"
Peter Jefferies and Robbie Muir-Swerve double 7"


Peter Jefferies and Stephen Kilroy-Crossover 7"
Queen Meanie Puss-The Beauty of Dogs 7"
Queen Meanie Puss-The Darkling 7"
SF-Supra 7"
The Terminals-Black Creek 7"
The Terminals-Witch Doctor 7"

Link in comments, along with a link to a zip of the cover art of these singles. Wow.


Kiwi Tapes said...

1: http://www.mediafire.com/?ctt5m4mx2zd
2: http://www.mediafire.com/?fyycjzwhojw
3: http://www.mediafire.com/?6c1hj2t1ifm

Knoxx said...

Thx a lot :)

Hmmm...can't find that link to the cover art of the singles. Any help?

Max said...

Great blog. For some reason only vol. 3 has been removed from mediashare. Any chance for a repost?

Andy Tithesis said...

this was one of the best blogs honestly and i miss it so much. learned about so many bands i never knew existed on the other side of the world. was all priceless stuff. oi. thx.