A Handful of Dust

Here's more from the Noizyland side of things. It's A Handful of Dust's album Concord from 1993 along with extra tracks from their In The House Of Voluntary Poverty single (1994) and a track from Speed Kills Vol. 7 (1995). All ripped from vinyl.

A Handful of Dust is one of bruce russell's (dead c) darkest outfits, often dealing with distinct imagery and motif's in their music and especially pro-nounced in their liner notes (most of which are distributed through russell's corpus hermeticum label). essentially a russell solo show, but alastair galbraith and peter stapleton are both regular contributors.

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Kiwi Tapes said...


tasteless said...

(mu english is rather poor)
i have some problems with the reception of any of these albums...
the process is failes after about the 90% of downloading weight...
any thoughts about this?
can you upload
this album(for example) to another service?

phil said...

hi there - fantastic blog! did you ever get records from paul fisheye?
hmm, anyhow, tried to open the a handful of dust zip - concord is ok, but the 2 7"'s need passwords... or have i missed them somewhere???!!!
many thanks - phil

Heavy River said...

Sorry, Mediafire is the only place I am going to post downloads. It's the service that comes with the least amount of hassle and baggage.

This particular post was a contribution, so i'll have to track down the person who gave it to me and get the password.

-kiwi tapes

Max said...

Great post--unfortunately not available anymore.