Killing Capitalism With Kindness

The New Zealand rock scene, despite producing an unprecedented number of worthwhile projects, hasn't received the recognition is probably deserves in the international sense. For those not familiar with the scene, Killing Capitalism with Kindness might be a decent overview -- the record collects otherwise unreleased tracks from New Zealand mainstays like Alistair Galbraith, Alf Danielson, David Mitchell, Trash, Kathy Bull, Sandra Bell, David Kilgour, Stephen Kilroy, This Kind of Punshiment, and many others. The work is of the same high quality that's made the New Zealand scene so solid, and it's always fascinating to hear what this cadre of musicians can produce.

Thanks to Roberta Cowan

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glad to see this blog up, hope you guys will stick around...i've been looking for this compilation forever. very cool! a wonderful surprise