Snapper - Assorted Releases

Here you will find a collection of early Snapper material. Snapper has a reputation of being Stereolab before Stereolab existed. The similarities of some of this material to the sound of Switch On & Peng-Era Stereolab is uncanny. There is also a clear Jesus & Mary Chain influence to the treament of the vocals. With that said, the band brings a great deal of their own aesthetic to the table while blending in a variety of Krautrock influences to their sound.

The file contains the follows releases:

1- Shotgun Blossom LP
2- Snapper EP
3- Vader 7"
4- Dark Sensations 7"

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Kiwi Tapes said...

Ash said...

wow, the link is still active.
many thanks

f said...

Still works, thank you!

Average White Dad said...

I was psyched that this link still works, but the one song I wanted -- the B-side of the Vader single "Gentile Hour" -- isn't included. Anyone have that?

Average White Dad said...

"Gentle Hour". Sorry. :)

Chris said...

Fantastic band.

Unknown said...

Thank you so fucking much. Been looking for this for ages!

The Clovenhoof Society said...

Am having a total flashback.

Got any Bike kicking around?