Victor Dimisich Band

The Victor Dimisich Band was without a doubt a Christchurch band. 1980 and 1981 were the years of greatest activity. They played a number of 'gigs' at a pub called "The Gladstone", often over a three-night stint, with two other bands on the bill. The
'headlining' spot being rotated each night. Steven Cogle, Allen Meek, Tony O'Grady and Peter Stapleton would generally set up on the stage unassumingly, but once in gear the sound was like a runaway rollercoaster - rushing dips and fragile peaks, but
somehow following a chosen direction on the night. Their sole studio legacy was a 5-track EP which came out in 1982 on Flying Nun. This recording demonstrates (with rare aural clarity) the genuine songwriting prowess of Steven Cogle and Peter Stapleton.

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Hi there, if anyone has this album please contact me via my blog. Cheers.

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