Chris Knox - Singles Collection

A collection of singles from this NZ pop legend. Here is what's included:
Under The Influence 7"

Songs For Cleaning Guppies
aka The Chris Knox Ego Gratification Album

Song For 1990 10"

Not Given Lightly 7"

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Kiwi Tapes said...

wemustamputate said...

i just found your blog recently and i gotta say, it's one of the best i've seen! thanks so much for posting this great nz music. also cool to see the snapper bulk post, who deserve much more attention than they ever got. keep up the good work!

AJA said...

any chance of a repost on this one?

zandar said...

Yes, please!!!!

H said...

Hi !
Great Blog ! !!!!

Is it possible to re-upload Chis Knox - Singles Collection ? I'm looking for it !!!! Can you repost it !!! Yes !! Please !! Or other Chris Knox album ? I'lm looking for "Meat" and "Song Of You and Me".

Thank's for your work ! And happy new ear !!

H from France

Unknown said...

I'm appreciative of all your work here. What initially drew me here was the Tall Dwarfs (knew nowt about d.i.y lo-fi NZ music)and I almost wet meself when I saw this K.N. singles post only to slump into a pathetic huddle when I discovered the link had died. Is there a snowballs ?