The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience

Recorded in 1986, this early collection by the Woolston, Christchurch foursome known as The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience (later simply as JPSE), gathers the bands first album and debut EP, along with the excellent "I Like Rain" single. A cheeky grab-bag assortment that mixes lo-fi Prince-y moves like "Let There Be Love" with purely "white boy" indie guitar strum in the form of "Grey Parade" or "Transatlantic Love Song", then throws in the gorgeous pure pop of "I Like Rain" for good measure. The band then went on to gain further recognition and fame, with these beguiling early songs gaining the cult recognition they genuinely deserved. Another reissue from the lovely folks at Flying Nun, and another essential slice of New Zealand indie pop history. Recommended.

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Toxxy said...

Great blog, thx for everything :)

I've downloaded the link from your very nice post with "Split Enz - Spellbound: The Best of". As the other guys aks...can you please upload Disc 2 of that double set? Yeah? GREAT! Thx!

Steve said...

Many thanks for this - I'm a big fan of Stereo Bus, but this is the first time I've heard any of Dave Yetton's previous work.

Jose said...

Please re-upload the file ...file not found :(