Blam Blam Blam - The Complete Discography

Here is an outstanding NZ post-punk group who seems to take a lot of cues from bands like The Talking Heads & The Clash. They are most well known for their single "There Is No Depression In New Zealand". This is one my favorite posts in a while, highly recomended.

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Kiwi Tapes said...

Steve said...

Thanks for this.

If anyone's interested, Flying Nun's 'Abbasolutely' compilation has been posted here. 'Honey Honey' by 'Loves Ugly Children' is great.

Jose said...

Please Re-post the album

kipwatson said...

How would you feel about uploading this one again?

I know a nostalgic old geezer who would enjoy hearing it after all these years... :-)

Bevan said...

This album is available on CD, not hard to find these days.