Chris Heazlewood 7 inch collection

Here is a great collection of 7 inch singles released by CHris Heazlewood and his related projections, the collection contains the following releases:

Heazlewood - Badge or Medallion 7"
Heazlewood - Surf's Up In Malibu 7"
Heazlewood - They Slaughter Small Children 7"
Olla - Spetic Hagfish 7"
Sferic Experiments - Sci-Fi/Hi-Fi 7"
King Loser - Stairway To Heaven 7"
King Loser - Tie Us Down 7"

The cover art to each of the releases can be found in the zip file along with the music .

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Kiwi Tapes said...

Geographing Records said...

Ha! I received a free copy of that Gunn EP when I was about 16... I loved it, but I never got anything else by him! Thanks, as always!

hungryg. said...

yes! got a few of these on vinyl and now i am forever in your debt...