The Kiwi Tapes Anthology

After months of thinking of putting this thing together, here it finally is: The Kiwi Tapes Anthology! Now before you start asking "Where's Tally Ho?" and "Why did you leave out (blank)?" allow me to explain my intentions with this compilation. My goal with this compilation was to create something that would showcase all of the various facets of Kiwi Rock while remaining as concise as possible. This is for the newcomer, someone who has heard very little or no kiwi rock at all. I picked songs that I felt were most representative of the artists and the various New Zealand scenes that they were from. This is why you find "Getting Older" and no "Tally Ho!", I felt that the former song was much more representative of the sound of The Clean than the latter. So if you are looking to convert someone into the magic of kiwi rock, and you want to show them everything (not just the poppy, jangly stuff) then do it with this disc! I've already tried it on a few people and believe me it works! Thanks to all of the contributors to this site who made this disc possible and lended their expertise. Enjoy!

Links & Track listing in comments!


Kiwi Tapes said...

Part 1:
01 The Clean - Getting Older
02 The Bilders - Alien
03 The 3D's - Meluzina Man
04 Plagal Grind - Blackout
05 The Terminals - Touch
06 Shayne Carter & Peter Jefferies - Randolph's Going Home
07 The Puddle - Monogamy
08 Dimmer - Dawn's Coming In
09 Alien - Charades
10 The Dead C - Power (7" Version)
11 The Pin Group - The Power
12 The Victor Dimisch Band - Native Waiter
13 Goblin Mix - Lament
14 Dead Famous People - Barlow's House
15 Alastair Galbraith - Yuhahi Coast Road
16 The Weeds - Wheatfields
17 Toy Love - Swimming Pool
18 Dance Channel - Social Life
19 King Loser - '76 Comeback
20 Look Blue Go Purple - Winged Rumor
21 Cyclops - Alice
22 Bored Games - Joe 90
23 Verlaines - Death & The Maiden
24 The Mad Scene - Black Flye
25 The Chills - Pink Frost

Kiwi Tapes said...

26 Jean-Paul Sarte Experience - I Like Rain
27 Brown Velvet Couch - Soft October
28 25 Cents - The Witch
29 The Doublehappys - Others Way
30 Back Off Cupids - Weevil
31 The Terminals - Both Ends Burning (Roxy Music Cover)
32 The Bats - Round And Down
33 Split Enz - I Got You
34 Solitudes - Home Again
35 Chug - Flowers
36 The Great Unwashed - Hold On To The Rail
37 The Exploding Budgies - Thornfield
38 Queen Meanie Theme - Meanie Theme
39 Bailter Space - Splat
40 Able Tasmans - Sour Queen
41 Children's Television Workshop - White Chirstmas
42 Straitjacket Fits - Dialing A Prayer
43 Tall Dwarfs - Dare To Tread
44 SF - Catface
45 This Kind of Punishment - Sleepwalker
46 Peter Jefferies & Robbie Muir - Catapult
47 The Stones - Something New
48 The Gordons - Coal Miner's Song
49 Bird Nest Roys - Severed Days
50 The Enemy - Iggy Told Me (Live)

Unknown said...

Hey! Where's....

just kidding. This is a great selection. Thanks for doing this!

santino said...

Thank you for a truly great collection!

Mesmer Korsbols said...

Wow, this is great! I only know the (post) Dead C style of Kiwi rock, and I heard a little bit of Tall Dwarves (that link was dead, BTW), etc, but MOST of these I've never got to hear. Excellent thanks for the share.

beavis said...
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Unknown said...

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djmaus said...

Hi... This is an excellent compilation that introduced me to a lot of great tunes. Thanks a lot! Question: I can't seem to find ANY information about the tune Charades by Alien, and I really want to know more about this tune and the artists involved!