New Zealand Soul Seek Room

Micheal (who you all can thank for the big splurge of new uploads) wanted me to pass this along to you guys:

We've got a NZ room going on the Soulseek network, which gets between 20 and 35 people sharing NZ music. If we can get more people, that'd be awesome, so if you could let people know about it on your site, I'd really appreciate it. To get there, you've got to

1) Download and install Soulseek (which is free, and doesn't have spyware)
2) Right click on the room list on the right side of the programme.
3) Select "Create Room"
4) Type "New Zealand", being careful to put a capital "N" and "Z"
5) Once you're in, to join permanently, right click in the dialogue window and select "Toggle Room Autojoin"

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