Wish List Update

The wish list has once again been updated with new entires. Please note that all re-up requests are still going to be recognized before this blog meets it's death.

If you read my soulseek rant yesterday, do your best to disregard it, it turns out all of the persistent banning may have been a connection / software error. I'm on there today and everything is running smooth as silk. I am getting quite a bit of rare NZ stuff that you can definitely expect to see posted here! Sorry to those who I offended.


s. said...

I've dloaded over a TB using soulseek, and I hardly ever have a problem. You must be doing something wrong.

Have you ever msgd someone to ask WHY you've been banned?

Kiwi Tapes said...

I've used Soulseek for years and I've downloaded hundreds of gigs of music, only in the past year has stuff like this become a major problem for me.

I message people all the time and I either never get an answer, or they tell me I'm not sharing (even though I am).

Dgrador said...

One of the reasons why I left P2P and got into music blogging.