Various Artists - Biding Our Time

23 tracks from New Zealand bands, previously unreleased, unavailable elsewhere, lots of Flying Nun bands making special outings just for this release.
(Released 1986, now available on CD)

Ripped at 128 kbps (sorry, if you want better quality buy it from


Kiwi Tapes said...

Cannue said...

It not hard to spot the Dance exponents track of this compilation

Mixing Desk said...

Some muse from cross the Tasman....

Australian Bands

Things Of Stone And Wood

Magic Dirt


Weddings Parties Anything

Mick Thomas


Tex Perkins

Uncanny X-Men



The Killjoys

ALT (Tim Finn etc)

Art Of Fighting

The Cat Empire

Marty Wilson-Piper

The Whitlams

Enzso (Split Enz)



Darren Hanlon

Machine Translations

The Welcome Mat


Jodi Phillis

Motor Ace

Psuedo Echo

Vika and Linda
Rebecca’s Empire

Wicked Beat Sound System

My Friend The Chocolate Cake

Alex Lloyd

Bic Runga

Baby Animals

Claire Bowditch and The Feeding Set


Monique Brumby



Falling Joys

The Audreys

Perth Bands (Australia)

Red Jezebel


Ruby’s Grace

Team Jedi

The Waifs

Adam Said Galore

Jed Whitey

Fourth Floor Collapse

Bob Evans



The Panics


Caterpillar Now


No Flowers No Wedding Dress


Cinema Prague

Three Orange Whips

The Nordeens

Favourite Game


Richard Easton

Thermos Cardy


Gary Wiseman

Eskimo Joe

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