New Release Spotlight: Pumice - Pebbles

As mentioned before, here is the debut of a new section to the site where I highlight releases that are still in print that I think are well worth your money. I have no reservations in saying that contemporary New Zealand music isn't nearly as good as it was in it's heyday (but really, what is?) but this album, newly released this year really took me by surprise as an exceptionally good album. Pumice is a one man band fronted by Stefan Geoffrey Neville and has been releasing music since the mid to late 90's. It's clear right from the start that he has spent a great deal of time internalizing all of the important aspects of kiwi rock, specifically the warm analog textural goodness of the Xpressway scene. The songs are very interesting not only from a compositional standpoint but they also contain a great amount of sonic detail, not unlike the best work of Alaistair Galbraith. It may be a cliche' statement to make: but this album is quite the rollercoaster ride... it shifts very quickly between various tempos and moods with no real indication of when the changes are going to come for the listener. This collage technique always keeps you engaged and wondering where the album will turn to next. If you are a frequent reader of this blog, this album is very strongly recommended!

Preview MP3: "Northland"
Buy the album at The Soft Abuse Website
Only $11 post paid in the USA and $14 elsewhere

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