The Orange - Fruit Salad Lives

Here is a nice rarity ripped from vinyl. You might remember this group from their song "What's In A Name?" from the Flying Nun Box Set. That song, along with 4 other similarly jangly numbers are featured on this EP, being the band's one and only release. The rip isn't the best quality, I'm not sure if it's the condition of the vinyl, the pressing or my turntable, but the vocals get slightly overdriven at times. Still, the sound is definitely passable and good enough to enjoy. If anyone has a better rip of this album, be sure to let me know.


Kiwi Tapes said...

Average White Dad said...

Here's the tracklisting:
A1 - Fruit Salad Lives
A2 - Walk Out On Your Own
A3 - No Reason To Hide
B1 - What's In A Name
B2 - Fly

Cannue said...

The vocals were always well up in the mix on that record.I had to good luck to see them at the the Buzz Bar in Dunedin.Actually i saw a lot of good bands there shame I only had a few dollars most weeks to get in and buy one jug of beer. These days i would only be able to made a jug last 15 minutes, actually I would be hard pressed to find a pub that has jugs.,especially those glass one the empire had.

Unknown said...

The reason the rip sounds like shite is that it's only ripped @128 KBS. Re-do it at a decent rate like 320 and I'm sure it'll sound fine.

Jon A. Seed said...

High quality rip over here now:

...and heaps more out-of-print NZ music!